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Account Tier Updater
by DevRev

Account tier updater

Update the tier of the customer account based on the ARR: The account tier updater snap-in is designed to update the account Tier of Closed Won customers based on the Annual Recurring Revenue.

  • If ARR is greater than or equal to $100k, then the tier gets updated to Tier1
  • If ARR is between $10k and $99,999, then the tier gets updated to Tier 2
  • If ARR is less than $10k, then the tier gets updated to Tier 3

How it works

Once an account transitions to Closed Won, the snap-in checks the Tier field and updates it based on the ARR.


To install the account tier updation snap-in on DevRev:

  1. Click Install next to the account tier updation snap-in.
  2. Fill the configuration for Tier 1 ARR and Tier 3 ARR.
  3. The Tier 2 range is automatically taken as between Tier1 and Tier3 limit.