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Article suggestion
by DevRev



The article suggestion snap-in suggests specific excerpts from your knowledge base along with a link to the full article to answer incoming customer inquiries. Use article suggestion to provide answers for your customers while you are offline and increase your existing team's capacity by eliminating the questions which are answered in your knowledge base.


Zero Touch Meaningful Answers

Instead of sending a generic message with a link to one or more articles that may match the customer's query, respond with the specific paragraph from that article that is most likely to answer their question.

Customize Your Message

You can control what the DevRev bot replies to the customer when it finds a matching answer. You can also choose the length of the snippet you'd like to include and set a confidence threshold to determine how confident the bot must be in the answer to send it to your customer.


The first step is to upload and publish the knowledge base articles that you would like to be made available to your customers through DevRev. This is done in Settings > Articles. Next, enable this snap-in by clicking the Install button and following the installation steps.