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Assign Parts to Conversation
by DevRev

The Auto parts to conversation snap-in harnesses advanced natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to analyze customer conversations. Its primary objective is to automatically detect the specific parts mentioned in a conversation, offering valuable insights for improved customer support.

How it works

  • Resolution assignment: Upon conversation resolution, the snap-in automatically analyzes customer conversations and identifies the relevant parts being discussed. It subsequently allocates the relevant part to the conversation based on its analysis.

  • No part assignment when uncertain: When the snap-in cannot definitively identify a part, it abstains from assigning any part to the conversation, prioritizing accuracy.


  • Automatic part assignment: The snap-in eliminates the need for manual intervention by automatically assigning the relevant part to a conversation.

  • Channel compatibility: It works across various communication channels, including email, PLuG, and Slack, providing consistent functionality and efficiency.

  • High accuracy: The snap-in ensures high accuracy by assigning a part only when it has a high level of confidence, minimizing the possibility of errors.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Auto parts to conversation documentation.