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Awaiting Customer Response Notification Trigger
by DevRev

Awaiting customer response notifier

If a ticket stays in the Awaiting Customer Response stage for more than 48 hours, the Awaiting Customer Response Notifier sends a reminder notification to the customer. If the ticket remains in this stage for an additional 24 hours, it's automatically resolved.


  • Stage-specific triggers: It allows you to establish stage-specific triggers for each ticket as they transition into the Awaiting Customer Response stage. This trigger helps track the duration of a specific ticket in the awaiting customer response stage.
  • Automated notification and communication: If a ticket remains in the Awaiting Customer Response stage beyond a certain duration, an automated reminder notification is dispatched to prompt the customer. This ensures timely attention to their concern, facilitating the resolution of the ticket.

How it works

  1. Install the snap-in. In the Configuration tab, input the email content intended for the customer in the reminder mail. Also, specify the time duration in hours. This duration determines when a notification email is sent to the customer if the ticket remains in the awaiting customer response stage.
  2. Deploy the snap in.