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Blockers Slack Notifier
by DevRev

Slack Blockers Notifier

Slack Blockers Notifier is a DevRev snap-in that sends reminders about tickets with 'Blocker' severity to a specific Slack channel.


  • Slack Personal Access Token (PAT) - This is the authentication token for Slack. It is used to post messages to the configured Slack channel.

  • Slack channel ID - The ID of the Slack channel where the Blocker tickets report will be posted.


  • Fetches all tickets with 'Blocker' severity from DevRev.
  • Posts a report to a specific Slack channel with details of all Blocker tickets.
  • If no Blocker tickets are found, it posts a positive message to the Slack channel.

How to Use

  1. Configure the Slack Personal Access Token, and Slack Channel ID.
  2. Install the snap-in. It will fetch all Blocker tickets every X hours and post a report to the configured Slack channel.
  3. To stop the notifications, simply deactivate or delete the snap-in from DevRev.

NOTE: By default the reminders are sent on every Monday and Friday at 6.30 AM (UTC). If you want to configure a different time, reach out to DevRev support using the PLuG widget within your DevRev instance.