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Transform your Confluence space into articles effortlessly with DevRev’s Confluence snap-in. This efficient tool streamlines the migration process, eliminating the need to manually duplicate your existing knowledge base in DevRev.


  • Automated Article Creation: This snap-in seamlessly extracts all pages from your Confluence space, creating articles that populate your knowledge base effortlessly.

  • Tailored Access Control: Configure article access settings based on your preferences and the associated product, ensuring the right audience can access the content.

  • Knowledge Base Updates: Keep your knowledge base relevant. With a single command, sync outdated articles. Updated content will be reflected, and new articles will be generated as needed.


To integrate Confluence snap-in with DevRev

  1. Go to Integrations > Connections and create a new connection with Confluence and authenticate your account.
  2. Go to the Snap-ins section in your DevRev workspace settings.
  3. Click on Explore Marketplace.
  4. Search Confluence, and Click on Install next to the Confluence snap-in.
  5. Provide an existing connection in the Connections tab or create a new connection.
  6. Configure the snap-in by providing the product ​​you want the knowledge base articles to be associated with and the level of access.
  7. Deploy the snap-in and start importing your knowledge base!

How to use

Importing articles for the first time

  1. Type the command /sync_confluence <URL> in the snap-in discussions tab on the right. Replace <URL> with your actual Confluence space URL without the brackets.

Note: The URL should be in the following format - https://<your-domain><space-key>/overview, where <your-domain> represents your specific domain address, and <space-key> is the unique identifier for the space containing the pages to be extracted.

  1. Confirm that you want to create the articles.
  2. The articles will be created and linked to the product you selected during the snap-in configuration. You can view the articles in the Articles section of the DevRev app.

Updating your articles

  1. Come back to the snap-in discussions tab on the right and type the same command /sync_confluence <URL>.
  2. This will synchronize the articles in the app with those available in the URL. The articles whose contents have changed will be updated. New articles which were not present earlier will be created.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Confluence documentation.