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CSAT Slack Notifier
by DevRev

CSAT Slack notifier

The CSAT Slack notifier snap-in sends a Slack notification whenever a negative CSAT score is received in a Conversation.

This snap-in sends a message with the details of the conversation to a dedicated Slack channel whenever a negative CSAT score (less than 4 out of 5) is received for that conversation.


1.Slack Bot Pat

  • Create a Slack app for your workspace at
  • In App features, generate bot token in OAuth & Permissions.
  • Give the app bot channel-read, groups-read, user.profile:read, users:read,, chat-write access and userGroup-read access.
  • Invite the bot to the workspace.
  • Save the bot access token as a connection of type snap-in secret in the DevRev app.


  • It sends a Slack message whenever a conversation receives a CSAT score of less than 4.
  • It identifies and tags the account owner of the customer account from which the conversation originated.

How to use

  1. In the Configuration tab, input the channel ID, greeting message, and the email IDs of those who should get notified.
  2. Install the snap-in.
  3. Invite the bot to the channel where the report needs to be sent.