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Descope Identity Validation
by DevRev


Creating delightful customer journeys starts with having reliable, validated user identities at every step. The Descope snap-in for DevRev provides user email validation through OTP authentication right within your PluG widget. Authenticating users in-context without any redirects provides a native experience.

This snap-in enables several use cases across teams such as:

  • Providing clean, accurate lead data for marketing teams
  • Routing qualified conversations to sales teams
  • Having consistent user identities across pre and post signup processes

Ensuring your users are who they say they are helps streamline operations, save time on frivolous conversations, and provide a secure and frictionless user experience.


User email validation

Authenticate users with the “possession factor” of their email account with one-time password (OTP) validation. Request the user for their email and have them input the OTP within the PluG widget.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to Descope identity validation documentation.