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Connect your support email with DevRev and ensure that your support conversations remain in sync between email and the PLuG support widget. Email integration is a predefined automation that has been used by several organizations. It allows you to manage support conversations that come through email directly from the DevRev PLuG inbox, eliminating the need to manage two inboxes.

Why should you integrate your support email? Organizations need to support multiple mediums of communication for their customers. Despite being slow when compared to chat, email is still an important part of most support operations. This automation enables low-friction customer support by providing a unified place to manage the conversations generated through email as well as the PLuG support widget.

This integration allows you to manage all end-user communication from one place so you never have to leave the context of the conversation to create a ticket and communicate with your development team.

Email integration through SendGrid and other providers with DMARC are also available.


Get conversations from support inbox

When your customer sends an email to your support email with which the email integration was deployed, a conversation is created in your PLuG inbox. From within the context of that conversation you can create tickets and add additional members to the conversation. When the customer replies back to the email, a comment is added to that same conversation.

Reply to customer through email

Whenever a support team member replies to the conversation that was generated through email, an email is sent with that reply to that customer through your integrated support email. The emails are threaded based on the first email that the customer sent.

Support for attachments and raw email

The attachments sent by the customer can be viewed in the PLuG inbox along with the comment. Also, you can add the attachments (size limit of 40MB) in the reply to any comment and it will be attached to the email sent to the customer.

A raw email file will be attached to the comment in the PLuG inbox which was generated through the email. The raw email file can be downloaded and the actual email can be viewed.

Edit comment

When you edit the comment in the PLuG inbox, an email is sent to the customer with the edited content.


To enable email integration, click the Google OAuth connection and allow the DevRev app to send emails through your support email ID. Deploy the snap-in and set the forwarding address of your support email to the generated DevRev email address.

For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the documentation.