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Integrating your support email with DevRev and maintaining synchronization between email and the PLuG support widget streamlines support operations. It eliminates the need to manage separate inboxes, ensuring all support conversations, whether through email or the PLuG support widget, can be efficiently handled within the DevRev platform.

This integration is particularly valuable for organizations that rely on multiple communication channels. It offers a unified solution for managing customer support inquiries, for enhancing the efficiency of support processes, and for enabling seamless communication between support and development teams.

Email integration through Gmail and other providers with DMARC are also available.


Retrieve support inbox conversations

Upon receiving an email from a customer at your support email address, a corresponding conversation is generated within your Inbox. Within this conversation context, you can easily create tickets and include additional participants. When the customer responds to the email, their message is appended as a comment to the existing conversation.

Reply to customer through email

When a customer experience member responds to the conversation generated through an email, the system automatically sends an email to the customer through your integrated support email. These emails are threaded according to the customer's initial email.

Support for attachments and raw email

In the Inbox, customer-sent attachments are visible alongside their comments. Additionally, when replying to a comment, you can include attachments (up to 40MB in size), which will be sent to the customer via email.

For emails generated through the email integration, a raw email file is attached to the comment in the Inbox. This raw email file can be downloaded and allows you to view the original email content.

Editing comments

If you make edits to a comment within the Inbox, the updated content is automatically sent to the customer via email.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the SendGrid documentation.