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Email Integration
by DevRev

The Email integration snap-in works with a variety of email providers, including Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, and custom domain emails. Once configured, incoming support emails are automatically transformed into a conversation or a ticket, providing a centralized platform for handling, responding to, and tracking customer interactions.

Bid farewell to juggling between numerous tabs and platforms. With DevRev, you can efficiently manage all your support tickets and conversations in one place.


  • Get tickets or conversations from support email

Whenever a customer sends an email to your support address, an automated process generates a new ticket or a conversation, automatically populating it with customer information. Subsequent customer email replies update the ticket or conversation with new comments.

  • Reply to the customer through Customer Messages tab

Each time a customer experience team member posts a comment within the ticket's customer messages tab, an email containing that reply is sent to the respective customer through your integrated support email. The email thread follows the structure of the initial email received at your support email address.

  • Enable bot replies

By enabling bot replies, the email integration bot sends an automated reply, borrowing some time for response and requesting any additional information that may help with the customer’s inquiry. It also allows you to decide whether or not to send emails to the customer for comments added by other bots in the customer messages tab.

  • Assign tickets or conversations to a part and owner

When you set up the snap-in, you can assign tickets or conversations to a default owner and part.

  • Support for attachments and raw email

Attachments sent by customers are visible in the customer messages section, alongside ticket comments. You can include attachments (with a maximum size limit of 25 MB) in your responses to comments, and these attachments will be sent to the customer via email.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Email integration documentation.