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GitHub Actions
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GitHub Actions



Have you ever...

  • Configured some GitHub Actions and wished your related work would be updated with these changes?
  • Wasted time updating your team on the status of your work?
  • Wondered if an issue you worked on was built successfully?

Don’t sweat it! This automation will fetch details about different workflows and jobs running in GitHub Actions, and link it to your DevRev issue. Your work is always accounted for and more importantly your team members have visibility and know what you’ve been up to, resulting in fewer interruptions.

How it works

If you are using GitHub Actions to build or carry out workflows, DevRev will track the work related to that workflow and update the timeline of that work item.


Automatic status updates

Automatically updates the status of work items related to a job or workflow.

Record successes and failures

Record job and workflow results in the work items that triggered them.