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The Harness integration snap-in streamlines the development and deployment process by facilitating communication between DevRev, GitHub, and the Harness platform.

It automatically updates the issues' status based on the progress of CI/CD pipelines, removing the need for manual interventions. This snap-in also offers visibility into deployment pipeline stages directly within related issues.

To enable, click on Install and follow the steps, including connecting with Harness. Default configurations are available with further personalization options. Learn more about the features in this snap-in.


Automatic status updates

  • Automatically update DevRev issue status based on Harness pipeline events.
  • Mention DevRev issues in GitHub to route relevant Harness events.

Decide which events to capture

  • Configure the snap-in to capture specific pipeline events.
  • Select from start, success, and failed events.

Configurable mapping

  • Map DevRev stage updates to specific Harness events.

Get notified for each stage

  • Timeline comments for each stage in the pipeline process.


  • Reduced context switching and real-time updates.
  • Automated notifications for key deployment events.
  • Reduced errors through automated workflows and visibility.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Harness snap-in documentation.