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don:core:dvrv-global:devo/0:artifact/656575 for DevRev

Seamlessly bring user feedback from into DevRev. This snap-in integrates with to automatically create tickets or issues in DevRev, linking them to a specific part of your product.


  • Automatically create work items

When a user provides feedback through, a work item is automatically created in DevRev with the attached information by using a webhook. You can configure whether work items created should be issues or tickets and the default owner and part for them.

  • Automatically fill-in reporter and account

If issues are created as tickets in DevRev, then you can include the reporter's email as a issue custom data field and include the name of this field in the snap-in configuration. This will auto-fill the Reported by and Customer Workspace fields in tickets. Also, new contacts and accounts will be created if not found.

  • Add tags

When a user provides feedback through, an issue or ticket is automatically created with the attached information on DevRev, by using a webhook.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the documentation.