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The Salesforce Airdrop Snap-in simplifies importing accounts, cases, and users from Salesforce into DevRev, offering comprehensive customer insights. This data empowers you to prioritize development efforts and enhance customer support. Additionally, it enables seamless workflow by synchronizing Salesforce cases and DevRev tickets, allowing you to work efficiently within DevRev.



A one-time import streamlines the process of importing all relevant accounts, cases, and user data from Salesforce into DevRev. Eliminating manual data entry across multiple systems saves you time and effort.

Sync to DevRev

The sync to DevRev enables you to synchronize new items and updates since the last import, ensuring that your DevRev data remains current without the need for frequent manual imports.

Sync to Salesforce

The sync to Salesforce feature allows you to apply modifications made in DevRev to previously imported Salesforce items. You also have the option to create new items in DevRev for synchronization with Salesforce.

Getting Started

For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Salesforce Airdrop documentation.