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SendSafely integration
by DevRev

SendSafely Integration

This snap-in functions as a connector with SendSafely, allowing customers to upload and use files via SendSafely.

How it works

The snap-in operates through a webhook that generates an upload link based on the provided SendSafely configuration. Once the URL is generated, a webhook listens for file upload events and updates accordingly. The snap-in also includes an API integration with SendSafely, enabling direct file uploads to SendSafely and sharing the uploaded file URL with the customer.


  • Send files from DevRev to SendSafely.
  • Request files from customers and upload them to SendSafely.
  • Create different dropzones for different groups within DevRev.
  • Track which work items have been used with SendSafely.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Snap-in's documentation page.