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SLA Status Change Slack Notifier
by DevRev

This snap-in sends a notification through Slack to user configured channels, tagging the ticket's owner and subscribers, when a ticket's SLA changes into the Warning or Breached stage.

How it works

The moment a ticket's resolution time SLA changes to the Warning or Breached state, a Slack message gets sent automatically to the user configured channels. The message contains the ticket owner, ticket name, customer it applies to, and the state the SLA changed to. If the SLA moved to the Warning state, then the date in which it will be beached is added to the message as well.


  • Instant notification on Slack as soon as a ticket's SLA moves to Breached or Warning.

  • Messages are sent to different channels depending on ticket subtype, severity, and part.

  • Configurable parameters such as skipping tickets with target end date or matching child parts.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Snap-in's documentation page.