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Slack Broadcaster
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Slack Broadcaster

Slack Broadcaster snap-in is a specialized automation tool tailored to streamline the process of posting broadcast messages, both for customers and within your organization. Seamlessly integrated with Slack, it facilitates the effortless dissemination of vital updates and accomplishments.


Slack connection

To use this snap-in, you'll need to connect your Slack with DevRev. When you install this snap-in, we'll walk you through a few steps to connect and configure it.

See the Slack snap-in docs for step-by-step installation and usage instructions.


  • Customer Release Notes: Automatically shares release notes with customers via Slack in the Slack Connect channel.
  • Account Linking: Facilitates easy linkage of Slack channels to accounts using the /slack_broadcaster_link <channel_id> command within the account timeline. If you no longer want to send broadcast messages to a linked account, you can unlink the account using the command /slack_broadcaster_link invalid in the account timeline.
  • Bulk Account Update: Simplifies linking multiple accounts to Slack channels by employing /slack_broadcaster_upload external and uploading a CSV file containing account names and Slack channel IDs.
  • Internal Release Notes: Enables sharing of broadcast messages within the organization through the upload of a CSV file containing Slack channel names and IDs using /slack_broadcaster_upload internal.
  • Configuration Management: It ensures that only authorized users belonging to specific groups can post messages to Slack channels.

Slash Commands

Slack Broadcaster snap-in provides intuitive slash commands to streamline release note posting and management:

  • /slack_broadcaster_link <channel_id>: Links an account to a Slack channel.
  • /slack_broadcaster_upload internal: Posts a Snapkit that takes in a CSV with the Slack channel name and Slack channel ID.
  • /slack_broadcaster_upload external: Posts a Snapkit that takes in a CSV with the account name and Slack channel ID.
  • /slack_broadcaster_show_links: Displays all linked channels along with accounts and internal channels before posting.
  • /slack_broadcast: Broadcasts quarterly release notes and important updates directly to Slack, simplifying communication with customers.

How to Use

  1. Set up Slack Connection:
  • Connect your Slack workspace with DevRev to enable seamless communication.
  1. Trigger Release Notes Generation:
  • Whenever an enhancement moves to the mentioned stage, the snap-in triggers and provides generated release notes.
  1. Editing Release Notes:
  • The snap-in reads all relevant content to generate the release notes. If a release note already exists, the snap-in utilizes it instead of creating a new one.
  • A Snapkit is posted in the timeline with editable content (the release notes), allowing users to edit the content as needed.
  1. Posting Release Notes:
  • Choose the account to which you want to post the release notes.
  • Once confident with the content, users can send the release notes.
  1. Broadcasting Messaging:
  • Use the /slack_broadcast command to broadcast to the customers.


  • Internal Channels: Specifies the internal channels where the broadcasted message should be posted. This can be populated using the slash command.
  • Stage to Trigger: Defines the stage at which you want the Slack Broadcaster Snap-in to trigger under the enhancement type object.
  • Access Groups: Denotes whether the user has access to broadcast messages.