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Slash Commands
Slash Commands
by DevRev

Using the slash commands you can access specific actions quickly and use DevRev's Turing AI to perform some out-of-the-box functions.

How it works

In the Discussion section, enter '/' in the text field to see a list of commands that apply to the source item.



Using the remind command, you can set a reminder for yourself or another user in the context of the source. You must specify a time and add messages to set the reminder.

For example: /remind @user Please follow up on this. 1d


The rephrase command helps you reply professionally when communicating with clients or colleagues.

For example: /rephrase can't help now... ask again in 5d

Sample response:

I apologize that I am unable to assist you at the moment, however please reach out to me again in five days and I will be happy to help you.


Using the summarize command, you can sum up the entire conversation. It applies to the following:

  • Conversation
  • Tickets
  • Issues
  • Part
  • Workspace
  • Rev user
  • Account

Syntax: /summarize

Sample response:


  • Rahul from DummyOrg is having difficulty installing the Plug Widget.
  • Rohan suggests checking the setup instructions.
  • When this does not work, Rohan asks for more information on the error.
  • Rahul shares a recording of the error.
  • Rohan thanks the user, and they get on call to fix it.


Using the clone command, a copy of the selected issue or ticket is created. All attributes of the issue/ticket are copied, along with [CLONE] prefixed to the title. It also comments on:

  • Source issue/ticket. For example, 'ISS-0123 was cloned and ISS-0123 was created.'
  • Cloned issue/ticket. For example, 'TKT was cloned from TKT-0123.'


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Slash commands documentation.