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Spam Shield
by DevRev

Spam Shield snap-in

The spam shield snap-in is a sophisticated tool designed to analyze the first customer message and determine whether a ticket or conversation is spam. It uses advanced algorithms to identify patterns indicative of spam content, ensuring that customer support teams can focus their efforts on genuine customer interactions.

How it works

Once a ticket or conversation is created, the spam shield snap-in analyzes the customer message that created the conversation or ticket for spam indicators, such as marketing content, meaningless words or phrases, or out-of-office messages. It then flags the conversation or tickets as spam if it meets the predefined criteria.


  • User-controlled spam management: Users can select the option whether to directly mark a conversation or ticket as spam or to provide a suggestion, allowing for a more nuanced approach to spam management.

  • Efficient spam detection: The snap-in swiftly detects and flags spam messages, reducing the time spent by support agents on spammy conversations.

  • Cross-Channel Compatibility: It can analyze customer messages from various channels, providing comprehensive spam management across all customer touchpoints.