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Ticket Ageing
by DevRev


The Ticket aging snap-in helps keep your team informed about open tickets as they age. It automatically sends timeline updates to relevant users based on the specified span of days in the snap-in configuration.

Installation and configuration

  1. Installation: After installing the Ticket aging snap-in, proceed to the configuration settings.

  2. Specify Notification Criteria: In the configuration settings within the Ticket aging snap-in, you can define the criteria for notifications.

a. Specify the duration, in days from the creation date, for which you wish to receive notifications about open tickets. Separate these values with commas. For example, if you want to send notifications on the 10th, 20th, and 30th days following the creation date, you should populate the field with 10, 20, 30

  1. Select Additional Users: Besides the ticket owner, you have the option to select additional users who should receive notifications. This ensures that the right people are always kept in the loop.

  2. Save Your Configuration: Once you've configured the snap-in according to your preferences, remember to save your settings.

Now, you're all set to benefit from the Ticket aging snap-in, which will help you stay on top of open tickets and ensure timely actions are taken to resolve them.