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With the aim of having a single source of truth for all customer problems, DevRev has integrated with Twilio so as to record the customer support requests raised via phone. Customers can now raise their concerns by calling the provided support number on Twilio. Each call creates a support ticket with the call recording, caller identity, and call transcript, enabling the support team to maintain a complete context of the customer's problem.


  • Ensure you have a Twilio account and a Twilio Flex account for support engineer access.
  • Familiarize yourself with Twilio Flex to manage incoming support calls efficiently.
  • Configure the required IVR and routing rules on Twilio.


  • Ticket Creation: Automatically creates a ticket for each call, enabling support engineers to track and manage customer inquiries.
  • Caller Identity: If the customer's phone number is available with DevRev, the caller identity will be mapped with the customer identity on the ticket, enabling the support engineer to identify the customer.
  • Capturing Call Details: The call transcript, call recording, caller details, call duration, and other call-related information are added to the ticket created from the call.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Twilio snap-in documentation.