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Work Duration
by DevRev

Work duration for issues and tickets

This snap-in adds a new attribute to tickets and issues which automatically calculates the work duration for that item when it is closed (time elapsed from creation to closure). The duration can be shown in hours or days.


  • Create work duration custom fields

Upon snap-in installation, a custom field for Work Duration is created for ticket and issue objects. Two additional hidden attributes are also automatically created for internal snap-in usage.

  • Automatically calculate work duration

When an issue or ticket is created or reopened, the work duration timer is started. When the work item is closed the timer is stopped and the work duration attribute is automatically added, displaying the time elapsed. This can be repeated through multiple sessions. If the work item is reopened, the work duration attribute is removed and will be readded once the item is closed again.

  • Display work duration in hours or days

The snap-in can be configured to display the work duration in hours or days.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Work Duration documentation.