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The Zendesk Airdrop Snap-in simplifies importing contacts, tickets, and users from Zendesk into DevRev. It enables you to review customer support data or link customer tickets to DevRev's build app to streamline development and review processes. You can also keep your Zendesk tickets and DevRev tickets in sync, allowing you to work out of DevRev seamlessly.



A one-time import enables you to quickly transfer essential contacts, tickets, and user information from Zendesk to DevRev, sparing you manual data entry across multiple systems, and ultimately saving time and effort.

Sync to DevRev

The sync to DevRev enables you to synchronize new items and updates since the last import, ensuring that your DevRev data remains current without the need for frequent manual imports.

Sync to Zendesk

The sync to Zendesk feature allows you to apply modifications made in DevRev to previously imported Zendesk items. You also have the option to create new items in DevRev for synchronization with Zendesk.


For detailed installation and configuration instructions, refer to the Zendesk Airdrop documentation.